Friday, 4 July 2014

Eat your heart out Van Gogh!

Sorry for not posting in so long. As usual the manic running around that is my life has eaten into blogging time. With 2 blogs to run at the moment I don't know whether I am coming or going. Anyway, enough about me..................let me share an update with you.

The very beautiful, and ever increasing in height FD, is a member of a local learning disability group, a local charity. On a Thursday afternoon she attends an art group as part of the charity's activities. Now, as many of you are aware, FD loves art and she is rather good at it.

For children and young people like FD art seems to be a medium in which to express themselves or to relax. Relaxation for FD doesn't always come easily and with frequent meltdowns or anxiety levels reaching sky high proportions, it is always good to find something that helps with that. FD has won a number of competitions lately and is feeling that 'celebrity status.' Her disability group hired a new support worker last year to run the art group. Now, this lady doesn't just spend 2 hours per week getting the kids to shake glitter over coloured paper or to cut out shapes and stick them onto paper. Oh no. This lovely lady has a genuine interest in art and such confidence that our children have hidden talents, that she set different art themes throughout the year, put together a portfolio of the children's work and only went and organised an exhibition! 

Well, when I was told there was to be an exhibition in the local library I initially thought,  'oh how nice.' Little did I realise that it was A PROPER EXHIBITION with a guest artist! So, when I walked in to see my daughter and her friends' art work properly displayed in frames and hung all around the room I cried! I cried tears of joy and pride. Not only for FD's work but for the work of the other children. Children who find it hard to vocalise how they feel. Children with varying forms of disability. Some were non-verbal or had limited communication. To top it all off, the artwork was being put up for sale to raise funds for the charity so that our kids can do more things. I stood open-mouthed as people were almost fighting over some of the art, with 20 people or more putting their names forward with bids. It was astounding. 

That evening people did not see kids with disabilities. They saw kids with abilities. They saw art. They saw dedication and they saw love. Too often, our children are judged on what they can't do rather on what they can. I think I need to be mindful of this too. Sometimes when its been a very difficult sort of day, its difficult to focus on the positives. This art exhibition was a reminder to me that my daughter is one very talented and extraordinary young woman. 

So, this very proud mum is going to share some of my daughter's art with you. Enjoy!



Looking for Blue Sky said...

Absolutely wonderful xx

Jane said...

Oh my goodness, I love the birds on the wire. I would have bid on that one definitely. It's fabulous. It's wonderful that she has found such a positive outlet for her creativity.


Thanks guys. Jane, the bird on a wire has a list of 20 people who want it. A friend has asked my daughter if she would do one especially for her and she will pay her! A future career in the making? lol

Carolyn said...

Hmmm, while I love the humour of Santa surfing, for pure arts sake, I'm torn between the multi-coloured shell and the three dimensional butterfly!